Raymond D. Nasher

BCA was founded by Mr. Raymond D. Nasher in June 1988 as an outgrowth of a 1987 Dallas Citizens Council initiative. Mr. Nasher, a Dallas developer and a leading philanthropist and art collector, and other key business leaders and members of the Citizens Council, determined Dallas would have better opportunity for becoming a world-class business city with parallel growth in the cultural community.

Using the model developed by David Rockefeller in 1967, Mr. Nasher created a new agency. BCA opened in June 1988 (as Dallas Business Committee for the Arts), an affiliate of National Business Committee for the Arts, with 50 corporate members. Mr. Nasher was the founding chairman and remained in that role until his passing in March 2007. Ms. Patricia A. Porter served as director of BCA, and later as CEO, from 1988 until 2009.

Mr. Nasher is succeeded by his daughter, Ms. Nancy A. Nasher, who serves as Founder’s Chair. Chairman Larry Glasgow, a partner at Gardere, heads the senior business leaders who comprise the Board of Directors. Since 2009, Ms. Katherine Wagner has served as CEO and President.

Throughout BCA’s history, major contributions have been made by member companies to ensure the development of North Texas as a regional cultural center. These corporate leaders understand the advantage of supporting the arts industry as a major component of a successful region. Equally, it is recognized that development of a creative workforce keeps North Texas on the leading edge of business.

From cultural tourism initiatives to project matchmaking, BCA collaborates with business and government decision makers to foster effective arts management, volunteer leadership and broader arts investments. BCA works for the business community to strengthen the arts and cultural sector in North Texas.