Business Council for the Arts encourages, inspires, and stimulates businesses and municipalities to support the arts in the workplace, in education, and in the community.


Trust us to find the right nonprofit arts partner for your business to invest in.

  • BCA is a trusted advisor to businesses seeking to further their corporate citizenship.

  • Our comprehensive database of North Texas arts and cultural organizations can assist you in finding the nonprofit partners that align best with your philanthropic, talent building or public relations objectives, creating a direct link to those you sponsor.

Increase your employee engagement.

  • Employees at BCA member companies receive invitations to several curated cultural events each year! Think of us as your business’ cultural gym membership, keeping your workforce entertained, refreshed, and in the know about our region’s cultural assets.

  • Use our cultural events to introduce current and prospective employees to the vibrant cultural life of North Texas, showcasing it as an ideal community for attracting and retaining your talent.

  • Participate in On My Own Time, a regional art exhibit and literary showcase for employees at businesses across North Texas that occurs each summer. Celebrate the creative talent in your own workplace, and then join us as we celebrate a group of select artists from every participating company with an exhibit at NorthPark Center and performance at the AT&T Performing Arts Center!

Let us mentor your future leaders.

  • Our Leadership Arts Institute, founded in 1989, is recognized for its excellence in educating business professionals about the economic, social and educational impacts of arts and culture. Let us mentor your team members to become civic leaders.

  • Leadership Arts Institute brokers strategic board placements that are personally rewarding and utilize your company talent for the good of our community, while promoting your corporate brand and network growth.

Amplify creative thinking.

  • Bring creativity into the workplace! We can deliver exhibits by local artists to your workplace that spark thought and conversation.

  • Increase understanding across departments and hierarchies using the visual and performing arts.

Support diversity and inclusion.

  • BCA will introduce you to organizations and boards of directors that serve and reflect a vibrant diversity of cultures and demographics.

  • We believe art and music are universal languages, which makes arts groups ideally suited to enhance your team’s cultural awareness.