Nominations for the 2019 Obelisk Awards

Join us in celebrating the companies and business leaders throughout North Texas who have significantly contributed to the success of our region's arts and cultural organizations through their visionary partnerships and initiatives. 

If you know of a worthy business or individual and would like to recognize them at the 2019 Obelisk Awards, please make your nomination in one of the categories below. Honorees will be announced after a jury selection process and will be invited, along with their nominators, to attend the Obelisk Awards in November.



Please read below for more information on category descriptions and to place your nomination.

All nominations must be received by May 31, 2019.

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Business Champion for the Arts

This award recognizes business leaders who raise the bar for corporate citizenship in our community through their exceptional long-term vision and commitment to developing business-arts alliances. 

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Arts Education

This award recognizes exceptional businesses for their support of arts education programs that provide critical resources and support for students in North Texas.  

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Distinguished Cultural Organization

Established in 2015, this category brings the Obelisk Awards full circle by honoring an arts/cultural organization for partnering with a business to create significant advancements in the North Texas community through their alliance.

The selected organization will receive a $1,000 gift from Neiman Marcus.

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Outstanding Leadership Arts Alumnus

This award recognizes outstanding board leadership and commitment to developing arts and culture in North Texas by a graduate of BCA’s Leadership Arts Institute.

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Arts Partnerships

This award is given to businesses that have provided outstanding ongoing support to one or more arts/cultural organizations for a minimum of three years to the present.

The Arts Partnership Award is given annually to one company in each of the following categories: Small Business, Medium Business and Large Business. A business may only win the Arts Partnership Award once every two years.

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Visionary Nonprofit Arts Leader

This award recognizes a nonprofit arts leader who has consistently demonstrated vision, impact, innovation, and alignment with successful business practices throughout their tenure. 

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New Initiatives

This award recognizes businesses for supporting an innovative and significant arts/cultural program created within the past three years.

The New Initiatives Award is given annually to one company in each of the following categories: Small Business, Medium Business and Large Business.