Arts & Healthcare Breakfast 2018 

Arts and Healthcare

On Wednesday, June 6, 2018, Business Council for the Arts presented the Arts & Healthcare Breakfast, a new initiative at the intersection between arts and industry. The breakfast provided an opportunity for networking and collaboration to create important momentum that advances healthcare through select uses of the visual and preforming arts. Our presenters for this panel were renowned experts in the field, selected with great thought to the role that each represents as administrator, researcher, and physician. Attendees received valuable information as new research and current initiatives on the impacts of music, visual art and design were discussed. 

Our Experts
Our presenters for this panel are renowned experts in the field, selected with great thought to the role that each represents.  

J. Todd Frazier is a composer, musician, and healthcare arts director. In addition to his role at the eight institutions that make up Houston Methodist Hospital, he is also the chairperson of the nonprofit organization, National Organization of Arts in Healthcare. (link to presentation)

John Harper, M.D.  is a highly respected cardiologist associated with Texas Health Presbyterian Dallas. He is also a poet who integrates literature in his training of medical students and presents public programs on literature and medicine.  

Upali Nanda, Ph.D.  is a pioneer in the field of evidence-based visual art and design and Director of Research at HKS, an international architecture firm with a specialty in healthcare design. Thus, our panel represents the fields of music, visual art, and literature as well as the roles of administrator, researcher, and physician.   

Our panel moderator, Pamela Stoyanoff, COO of Methodist Hospitals of Dallas and member of board of directors of Business Council for the Arts. Pamela has a background in flute and is a strong supporter of the arts. 

Healthcare industries provided an economic impact of $52 billion per year, representing about 15 percent of all regional economic activity in the region.