Business Council for the Arts brings you a comprehensive curriculum covering topics that are crucial to fundraising and development success.

Learn from expert presenter Carole Rylander, CFRE, in this 2-part breakfast series on Board Fundraising and Development.

Participants will be given the tools to become in-house fund development experts while networking with fellow leaders of arts boards in the community. Breakfast and handouts are included!

Two Part Series - $125 for both sessions
Part 1: Tuesday, June 19th, 7 AM - 9 AM

  • Understand the primary source of donations in the US
  • Explore the most effective strategies for raising money
  • Understand transaction and relationship fundraising
  • Learn about fundraising essentials
  • Explore the “Donor Journey”

Part 2: Tuesday, June 26th, 7 AM - 9 AM

  • Explore 10 fundraising and relationship realities
  • Understand the 11 questions every donor asks
  • Learn about the “ask readiness formula”
  • Explore the biggest problem in fundraising - donor attrition – and what to do about it
  • Learn about the ideal fundraiser